Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glycemic Index

As the man in charge of the sugars. I tried to spend some time increasing my soon to be expert level knowledge about sugars. As my first level of training I learned about the Glycemic Index. For more details take a look at www.glycemicindex.com to get values and info. The jest of the idea is to eat more complex carbs instead of carbs that enter the blood stream quickly. I focused on the research about the true value of a decreased glycemic index food. These primarily are foods such as your oats, barley, brown rice but also can be items such as dark chocolate, chocolate cake and pure fructose not necessarily "healthy." A number of things can be found on the Internet about a low glycemic index diet helps prevent against colon cancer, breast cancer, diabetic complications among others. Taking the time to analyze the most recent studies from plumbed.org these facts have really not held much ground. Even the original studies that report a benefit report a very minimal benefit compared to the overall risk. As most things on the Internet they need to be read with much caution. There are a couple good things that can be taken from the glycemic index. One if you are diabetic then following the guidelines by eating low index foods will leave to an improved glucose control. Most of our current readers do not fall into this classification. Also there can be no doubt that complex carbs and thus low glycemic index leads to the a longer filling satiety then your sugar cereals, white breads and white rice.

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  1. Interesting. Things I read have made it seem like I will die an early death if I eats food high on the glycemic index. I'm glad to know that there isn't much ground on the subject.