Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why nutrition, you ask?

A blog dedicated to all, this site is devoted to exploring the many ways that nutrition affects our life. What we eat affects so much more than just our waistlines, it also affects our temperament, longevity, and overall spiritual and physical well-being.

With so much information available on healthy living, it is a wonder that people continue eating the way they do. In today's society, there are very few legitimate excuses for not knowing that a carrot is healthier than a potato chip, or that a bowl of beans is healthier than chicken nuggets. To further limit that list of excuses, this site will seek to provide information on exactly WHY the carrot is healthier than the potato chip.

Posts will be provided by an ambitious group of amateur nutritionistas. Topics include the following:
- Fat, including essential fatty acids, trans fat, and saturated fat;
- Sugar;
- Protein;
- Supplements;
- Phytonutrients;
- And so much more!

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